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Choose Our Best SoP Sample

Engaging academic statement of purpose example

Writing an SoP (statement of purpose) is incredibly important to your career and to your future. A statement of purpose tells people about you in a real, definable way and helps you make a connection. It’s the reader’s first impression of you, and so, of course, you want to make it a fantastic one. Make sure you’re truly demonstrating your personality and goals with your statement of purpose.

Statement of purpose example tips

Of course most people, concrete tips can help a lot more than a lecture. So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts and discuss what really makes the best SoP sample and learn about how to do statement of purpose editing.

best sop sampleTell a compelling story: What your personal statement does is help ensure that your admissions offer is admitting you – not your GPA, not your transcripts, not your work history, but you. So make sure that you’re revealing your personality. Include emotion in the story – not just dry facts.

best sop sample onlineShow you’ve grown: The best SoP sample is one that tells a story of overcoming adversity. Talk about any gaps in your resume or inconsistencies in your GPA…and then explain how you’ve grown and learned from them. This shows your reader your character in a way that saying “I’m hard-working and determined” never could.

best sop sample 2016Avoid clichés: Admissions officers get a dozen “Ever since I was a child…” essays a week. Look up lists of common phrases used for statements of purpose and make it a point not to use them. Make your uniqueness obvious by standing out from the crowd.

best sop sample 2017Be specific: Don’t just talk about generalities like “I like this career because it’s interesting”. Explain how you got interested in what you want to study or work at, and how you’ve worked towards your goal. List measurable achievements. In short, give concrete detail.

best sop sample tipsPolish, polish, polish: Once you’ve written the rough draft, go back and fix up the grammar, spelling, phrasing, and word order. Editing just as important as writing if you want a unique, memorable statement of purpose.

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The best sample of Sop sample

If you have followed these tips and understood these examples, you should be well on your way to writing a great, engaging statement of purpose. However, don’t forget that help is always available. An external, objective eye such as a SoP editing service can help you find your weaknesses and create a stronger statement of purpose.

Bust all your statement of purpose woes by checking out our best SoP sample and contacting us today!